Medotronics Inc. is a US company based in California and operating worldwide since 2002.

We started as a computer parts wholesaler and grew over the years,  now serving thousands of customers across the globe, offering and constantly adding specialized and customized services & solutions.

Our experienced team is built from professionals from different industries allowing us versatility, a creative edge and the ability to think outside the box. 



Our logistic network operates in multiple sites in every continent, while our main sites are in L.A., Boston, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen.

Partner with us today, we're sure you'll find us a top performing partner.

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Our Global Team

Yariv Artman, PRESIDENT / CEO

12+ years experience buying/selling/liquidating computer hardware.

Holds LL.B and B.A. Business (Marketing) degrees.


Anat Shacham, CFO

10+ years experience as finance manager.

Holds a B.SC. Economics (Marketing) degree.


Dwight Tomlin, Logistics Manager

20+ years experience in logistics, supply chain management.

Holds a B.A. degree.

Josh Jacobs, VP Sales/Purchasing

12+ years experience buying/selling/liquidating computer hardware.

Holds a B.A. Business degree.


Zoe Zhu,  Sales/Purchasing (Asia)

8+ years experience buying/liquidating computer hardware for a major global CEM.


Amit Artman, VP Business Development

New Business opportunities, Online Marketing, Trade-in program.